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About Us

Serving you since 1942

Curtains are one of the more prominent items in your home interior. Keeping them in pristine condition contributes to the overall aesthetics of the room they are installed in, and is indicative of a well-kept home.

Curtains are handled daily, and over time, human skin particles, dirt and pollen can accumulate on their surfaces and get trapped in their folds. Not only does this make them look old and drab, having dusty curtains can cause allergic reactions to trigger. Undoubtedly, there is a need to clean curtains on a regular basis.

We provide thorough, deep cleaning of curtains using industrial-grade, specialized machines and cleaning agents that cater to various fabric types. Our methods have proven over time to be exceptional at restoring curtains to their pristine state.

As it can be quite challenging to remove your curtains from their hangers, given the various curtain system types, we provide removal and re-installation services as well.

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